What is screen sharing & why people are using screen sharing?

screen sharing software

The flood of staff engaging for home thanks to the Covid-19 occurrence has prompted many groups to discover exclusive ways for folks to speak and collaborate, with apps and offerings changing in-individual conferences or gather-around-a-table sessions.

Best screen sharing software makes it possible to have collaboration and assist as visual interactive as it had been in person. You will be able to show design, documents, or an internet site precisely because it shows displays on your screen whereas it’s happening or just about peer over the shoulder of a colleague to supply steering.

The best screen sharing software program will facilitate conferences, training, webinars, and different academic opportunities. Its forever and ever treasured so that you can take your virtual mission and mission it on a display in an assembly area or to percentage what you’re seeing with faraway get admission to guests.

Apps for best screen sharing are available in a number of completely different flavors. Some are a part of broader video conferencing tools, at the same time as others are in the main meant for far off get right of entry to or geared closer to bare-bones simplicity. it’s a various class with a great deal of decisions to judge.

Fortunately, numerous of those apps and their offerings have accelerated their unfastened services because of the contemporary Covid-19 scenario. Time limits conferences, the number of participants allowed, and alternative restrictions on free versions are raised by some corporations, as a minimum for a short period.


Screen Sharing Software selection Criteria:


Before downloading any screen sharing software we look for certain reviews and its features as criteria for selection. Here are certain things that people usually look for before downloading any screen sharing software.

  1. User Interface (UI): Is it clean and attractive?
  2. Usability: Is it simple to learn and master? Will the company provides good tech support, user support, sessions,and training?
  1. Features & Functionality:
  2. Interactive/Note Taking – Can presenters of viewers interact with the shared screen during presentations, for example by using a pointer device or drawing tools for notes?
  3. keyboard/Mouse Control– Can another client be allowed authorization to the displaying user’s mouse and/or console for introduction or IT offer assistance needs?
  4. Screen Recording– Can the presentation be recorded and effortlessly shared? Are recordings naturally downloaded or put away in a secure cloud space?
  5. Network– Is the computer program steady sufficient to show screen sharing and other communication devices over different gadgets through web suppliers?
  6. Integrative: Is it simple to associate with other devices? Any pre-built integrative?


Best Screen Sharing Software


Here we are providing the list of best 5 screen sharing software:

  1. Google Hangout

  2. Zoom

  3. Surfly

  4. Join. Me

  5. Screen Leap

Now, we will explore each screen sharing software.

  1. Google Hangout

Google Hangout may be a  communication tool planned, as the name proposes, by Google, and could be an item housed inside the G suite bundle of solutions. From inside Hangout, screen sharing can be propelled by means of the menu bar, which can open a new window for the feature.

Patently, free-to-use software requests to the Esteem for Cost segment of our assessment criteria; Google Hangout bases, are additionally strong sufficient to fulfill most little trade needs also it’ssimple to urge begun utilizing.

Integrative incorporate other Google software, like Gmail, Google Docs, and so on. Moreover, third-party administrations can be associated  through Zapier or by utilizing Google’sassigned API.

The con of the usage of an unfastened video conferencing device is usually that it’s going to have paid-equipment with a deeper expanse of features, of a greater unique niche, and Google Hangouts isn’t any exception.

Google Hangout is a totally free app.


  1. Zoom

Zoom is one of them (in the event that not the) most excellent screen-sharing software for video conferencing apps around. All you have got to do is sign in, make a modern call. After that, you will be able to welcome others to your call whether they possess a Zoom account or not.

Indeed over choppy network, Zoom manages to preserve a video associated by altering quality depending on transfer speed. Usually particularly valuable for screen sharing, which is something Zoom makes simple, no matter the circumstances.

Zoom too gloats one of the maximum excellent (and maximum adaptable) estimating plans of the gear in this listing with an unfastened set up that lets in you to have as much as one hundred viewers, make use of the video and sound name alternatives, display share, and lets in you to spare a community recording of your calls. The because it had been disadvantage is that cloud recording area and facilitating calls longer than forty minutes lie at the back of their, to start with, paid to set up ($14.99 with the month in keeping with have).

In brief, in case you’re searching for a software which lets you effortlessly share your screen whereas, on a sound or video call with numerous other individuals, Zoom ought to be your, to begin wit, the harbor of call.

Zoom estimating price

  • Free – have up to 100 watchers, 40 miniature constrain on group gatherings (boundless 1-1), neighborhood, recordings, screen sharing.


  1. Surfly

Surfly could be a co-browsing device for inaccessible bolsters and sales that can be inserted into a website or Saas app. It integrates with back gadget tools like Intercom, Zendesk, and Olark to offer a simple way for clients to put through with back agents.

Once associated operators can highlight the components on the page the client ought to press -and you’ll be able to utilize it to video conference as well. It’s an intelligently way to prepare a client utilizing screen sharing, and it’s lower-friction, as well, since you aren’t coordinating your client exterior of your site or app.

Screen sharing is an empowered browser-to browser without either party requiring to download a tool. Since it’s limited to the browser, you’ll be beyond any doubt that you’re only showing your site or program, rather than your individual photo library, bookmarks, and iMessage notifications.

Surfly Estimating

  • From $19/user/month for essential highlights.


  1. Join. Me

Join. Me is an enterprise-grade video conferencing software program that we rated first-rate for display screen sharing in our video conferencing app roundup.

Its collaboration highlights are more advanced than most screen sharing devices. Join. Me highlights an intuitively whiteboard, screen locale sharing, and an assortment of comment tool counting a write, highlighter, and laser pointer.

Group introductions with join. Me are simple: It’s minor for members to switch between the part of moderator and watcher, in any case of whether they’re on the desktop or portable apps. All the have should do is select the title of the member they’d like to pass have rights to, and click Pass presenter. Like Zoom, join. Me may be a developed video conferencing instrument with extraordinary screen sharing features packaged in as a reward. It moreover coordinating with Zapier, so you will be able to mechanize your screen sharing meetings.

But when it comes to whiteboarding, join. Me is the finest within the amusement. It offers one of a kind instruments on iOS for inserting and commenting on pictures on a canvas, using pre-made symbols to make graphs, and more. This implies you will consistently switch between your whiteboard and desktop screen when making an introduction to your group or a customer.

Join. Me Pricing:

  • From $10/user/month (charged every year) for up to five members per assembly.


  1. Screen leap

Screen leap is one of the maximum bare-bones display sharing gear out there, however, its loss of complexity makes it lightning rapid to use It’s perfect while you want to provide a short educational to a colleague or presentation to a consumer without forcing them to download and set up something heavy-duty.

With Screen leap, you get an everlasting URL that absolutely everyone with the hyperlink can use to enroll in the consultation while you’re sharing (it’s going to inform them to attend in case you are now no longer actively sharing).

It’s notable for together with with inside the calendar occasion description for ordinary conferences or quick having access to while you want to move live.

You will be able to share your screen by means of 6 digits share code that members can enter on the Screen leap homepage, so both webinar-style sessions and deal demos are simple to oversee.

With this straightforwardness comes trade-offs. Screen leap doesn’t back video conferencing or comment, making it less valuable for collaborative group gatherings than a committed device would be. It’s still perfect for propelling quick, low-friction screen sharing sessions right from the browser particularly in the event that can’t bear to spend 10 minutes inquiring “can you see it, however?” whereas your members introduce the unused program.


Screen leap Estimating:


  • Free for 40 minutes of screen sharing per day, paid plans from $15/month (charged yearly) for up to 8 hours of screen sharing per day.



Here we havelisted the best 5 screen sharing software with all its features. Hope, this article will help to find the best screen sharing software. Choose software according to your need—- All the Best!!

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