What is COM surrogate?

In this article, we will provide you the information about COM surrogate like What is COM surrogate? Is it Virus? COM surrogate has stopped working. And how to fix it?

What is COM surrogate?

COM surrogate


COM surrogate can be observed that running on the venture of your Windows PC. In standard, this method usually comes with the record name dllhost.exe. All the variations which include Windows8, Windows7, Windws10, and older play host to the methods of COM surrogate.

In truth, the term “COM” in ‘COM item’ is an acronym.


“COM Surrogate” Stands

It stands for “Component Object Model”. And, it is also an interface of Microsoft. This interface becomes evolved with numerous programming languages as properly. I f you need an instance think about the home ‘Windows File Manager’. It makes use of the aforesaid COM gadgets and develops thumbnails. As a result, users can see the folders properly and open them easily. COM item becomes extraordinarily important about processing films, portraits, and the other record that develops thumbnail. Due to using these thumbnail File Explorer can even make larger than their compatibility in the order they support the new codecs.

To fix this error, Microsoft has provided an answer in the shape of a method called COM surrogate. As per this fix, Windows runs COM items without affecting the original method. The original method approaches the system that runs on the COM object command on your system. So, if COM item crashes, the COM item will not be terminated now. Instead, the COM surrogate method could be terminated.

In truth, Windows Explorer begins a COM surrogate system so it will generate thumbnails of the specific photographs. COM surrogate performance as a host to a COM item. So, if COM item crashes while the procedure is accomplished, unique File Explorer will maintain strolling. COM surrogate will clatter instead of the COM item. So, it will resist the normal functionality of the PC.


Is COM surrogate a virus?

 There had been instances within the past where viruses and trojans have resist in the Windows operating device by means of masking themselves as COM surrogate and other Windows tactics.

Most of the PC users certainly experience this error with COM surrogate. However, you should remember that COM surrogate is not a malware and virus. Instead, we apprehend it as an important part of the operating gadget of your home Windows. But there are times in

which COM surrogate may be affected with specific malware. As a result, the entire operating device can grow to be a large number. But, nevertheless, that is not a problem related to COM surrogate.

Figuring out if a disease infects COM surrogate is not that difficult as one may suppose. Do you see a large wide variety of dllhost.exe approaches to your PC? And do they consume a huge amount of system resources like CPU? At this time, you should realize that a virus infects COM surrogate.


COM surrogate has stopped working

Now which you have substantial attention about COM surrogate. Permits move ahead with the big question. In fact, the main goal of writing this article is to let you realize how to fix this error.

In other words, in this article, we will provide an explanation for a way to solve COM surrogate has stopped working error. There are multiple processes to solve this problem relying on the cause. You may go through the process carefully and choose the best method.

How to Fix COM surrogate?

com surrogate virus


To solve this sort of this error, Microsoft made this method. This method runs a COM item outside the original procedure that cited it. If the COM item crashes, it’s going to just convey down this method and the original host method won’t crash. For instance, Windows Explorer starts this method at whatever point it must need to Produce Thumbnail Photographs. This method hosts the COM item which takes the necessary steps. If the COM item crashes, then just the COM surrogate accidents and the original record explorer system will combat the good fight. There are some methods for fixing this problem. By using these methods, you may easily solve this problem.


Method 1: Add Exceptions or Close up Data Execution Prevention

There is a way to solve this issue, and it requires to show off DEP (Data Execution Prevention). If not, you ought to add an Exception to it. This may be done in your Windows computer and

begin the method, Right-click on “My Computer.” After that attend the Properties. Just click on the choice labeled “Advanced System Settings”. Then click on “Advanced Tab” and then attend “Settings”, which is found under the Performance section.

com surrogate has stopped working

how to remove com surrogate

At last, click on “Data Execution Prevention” and then click on Turn on Dep for all programs except those that I choose and add dllhost.exe to the list.

com surrogate windows 7


Method 2: Disable the Thumbnails

 If the issue remains persisting, you should use this method as well and view what takes place. As keeping in this approach, you need to try to disable the thumbnail previews on your system.

Numerous individuals have an approach to this method. Even though it really works, we have to remind you that it’s not a permanent solution. But it may provide you a few remedies as to a minimum an occasional basis.


Method 3: Register the DLLs again

Registering the DLLs once again maybe another solution if COM surrogate has stopped working. What we need to let you know is that this approach is simple than it could sound. You can follow the steps and solve this error.

  • Click on the “Windows button” and then sort “CMD” inside the search field to discover the command
  • After that, you must click on the “command prompt” to open
  • As soon as the command prompt window is opened, you must type the subsequent Make ensure which you hit the input after every line.
  • regsvr32 dll
  • regsvr32 dll


Many customers have succeeded with this approach.


 It is a serious issue for PC users. But by using the above methods you can easily fix the COM surrogate issue.

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