How to Hide Apps on Android Phone

In this post, I am going to tell you the way How to Hide Apps on Android without Rooting, and Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android. In Android mobile, customers keep on attempting lots of apps, and sometimes you want privacy for your apps. And for that, you may have followed the complete instructions GIVEN in this post.

How to Hide Apps On Android

These given methods are very SIMPLE, and you can easily solve this problem by following these methods.

how to hide apps on android

Method 1: Hide Apps on Android Devices BY Using Apex Launcher


1.FIRST, you need to install and download Apex Launcher on your Android device. This launcher will help you to without difficulty hide apps on your Android device.

2.When the app downloading, only release the app to your device and now the launcher gets set in your

3.Now at the homepage, you may see the “App Settings” option and you need to just click on

4.Now you must navigate to “Drawer Settings” &GET; “Hidden Apps” there, simply tap on

5.You may see the series of apps that are presently installed to your device, and also you need to pick out the apps which you want to hide on your Android device after choosing the apps, just click on save option there.

After doing it, you may not view those apps on your Android device and if you need to access those hide apps. By using the Google search, you can easily access those apps.

Method 2: Using Hide App Hide Application Icon App Steps

1. FIRST, YOU must root your Android. For doing this, you need to follow the following instructions here.

hide apps on android

2. After rooting your Android tool, you just need to download and install the Hide App Hide Application Icon App. When the installation of this app completed, you need to launch it to your device. Now just click + on the button for adding the apps in order which will make them hidden.

how to hide apps on android phone

3. Now you may see the apps which are presently installed on your Android device, JUST tick on those which you want to hide on your Android and then click on the “save option”.

how to hide apps on android without rooting

4. After completing this method, you can Apps get hidden, and you can again unhide them very easily, just by using the same

Method 3: Using Inbuilt of Android 5.0+

In the latest Android versions like Marshmallow, Lollipop, and many others. There are the inbuilt characteristics by which you may effortlessly hide the apps. SO, follow the given steps.

can you hide apps on android

  1. To begin with, you need to long tap on your Android screen and then just click on
  2. Now scroll down, and you will view the Protected Apps option, simply tap on that
  3. Now you need to draw the sample to hide the apps to fasten them.

hide apps on android settings

4. Your Android may be listing all the apps which might be currently installed on your tool, just tap on those apps  which you want to hide them.

how to hide apps

5. At the last, simply click on the save. After clicking on save, apps can be hidden from the drawer.

hide apps on android 1

How to Hide Apps on Android without Rooting?

 This technique will guide how to hide the apps on your Android device simply by disabling it from Android tool settings.


  1. Simply go to the Settings and pick the “Apps tab”.
  2. After that, you will see a list of all the apps installed on your phone. Now from that list pick out any app you need to
  3. Now pick out the “Disable option”.

how to hide apps on iphone

This method only works on preinstalled apps like Clock, Calendar, and many others. If you need to uninstall a 3rd party app then you may prefer another method.

How to Hide App on Android Using Launcher Apps

Go Launcher

It is another well-known launcher app that does not require any root permissions to cover the apps. Follow the following steps:


  1. First of all, download the Go launcher
  2. After downloading, Now select “Go launcher” as your default home screen app.
  3. Now navigate to the app drawer and then choose the “Hide App”
  4. Now simply choose those apps you need to hide and then press “OK”.

Nova Launcher

It is a popular launcher amongst Android users. You can also hide any app in Nova Launcher. But for this, you need to buy the prime version of the app. Because inside the free version, you can only trade the name and icon of the app.

Free Version Steps

  1. Just install the Nova launcher from the play store in your
  2. Then restart the phone and then use it as your home
  3. Now to hide the app by long-pressing on that app and then tap on “Edit”.
  4. Now select any name for the app. But ensure it must be a common
  5. To change the icon taps on it and select “Built-in”.
  6. Now just tap on “Done” if you are done along with your

Pro Version

  1. Simply install Nova
  2. Then restart your
  3. Now simply open the Nova app and choose “Settings”.
  4. Select “App and widget’s drawer”.
  5. Now simply scroll down to find the hide apps

Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android

If you are continually worried about someone studied your private messages. Here are 2 best apps to hide text messages on Android.

1: Calculator

It is the best cover for an app that works to cover messages. It appears and works like a calculator and could raise simply no suspicion, as it looks like any calculator app to others.

You must enter the “123+=” in the calculator for accessing the hidden vault. This may take you to the principle display screen of the app, YOU may upload the contacts that you need to make private here. All the messages and CONTACT logs related to those contacts will now be hidden from your smartphone gadget and will seem here as an alternative.

how to hide apps on iphone 1

Install Now

2: Vault-Hide SM, Pics and Videos

The name of this app quite pretty says it all, Vault-Hide SM, Pics, and Videos is a vault that may hide your messages, videos, and pictures.

The vault could hide your personal messages and contacts out of your device. LIKE different message hiders, you may import contacts into the app, which will be then classified as a private. SO, this vault also helps to hide text messages on Android.

app to hide apps android

Install Now


SO, these are different methods you can use to hide apps with or without rooting. You can easily solve this problem with these methods.

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