How to Uninstall Chromium on Windows 10 (Fixed)

This post is mainly based on chromium, how to uninstall/ Remove/ and get rid of Chromium and is Chromium a Virus.

Is Chromium Browser a Virus?

Chromium is an open-sourced net browser task made by Google. Most of the code mimics the traditional Google chrome browser, but the distinction is that a few codes are contributed by others. But chromium is a valid browser, its open supply code has made it unpredictable, complete of bugs, and a goal for spreading the bug.

Many users suspect that chromium-browser is a virus as they discover the browser on their PC, but they do no longer recognize the way it was given there.

Chromium is a valid browser but it becomes a virus. Its open-source characteristics will be manipulated through malware writers who use the name, chromium, and use chromium blow malicious code directly to windows computer systems after which chromium is complete of bugs and be a goal for spreading viruses.

Chromium virus is a risky browser virus that gets created by using an open-source net project. The virus secretly enters your computer and leads to lots of stressful issues for your system. It can assault any windows system and cause diverse dangerous effects. The virus has been made by a group of cybercriminals with evil goals and incorrect motives.

how to uninstall chromium

How to Uninstall Chromium Browser:

 Uninstall Chromium by Using Windows Settings

If you installed chromium by using a software installer, you shouldn’t have much difficulty uninstalling it use the Windows settings.

Step 1- To begin, right-click the “Windows” start menu and click “Settings”.

how do i permanently remove chromium from windows 10

Step 2- In the “Windows settings”, press “Apps features”. Search for “Chromium” in the search bar.

uninstall chromium

Step 3- Then click the “Chromium” entry, then press “Uninstall” to get rid of the browser

how to get rid of chromium

Steep 4- In the Uninstall Chromium window, click the Also delete browsing information checkbox to make sure that all the private information is removed when you get rid of the browser. Then click Uninstall to start the removal process.

The removing method may only take a few seconds to complete. When the process completed, the chromium entry should be removed from the Apps and features list and should be completely removed at this point.

Manually Uninstall Chromium Using Windows File Explorer

While chromium can be removed, but it can also come with other software. It may not show in windows settings for you to uninstall chromium automatically.

In this case, chromium has been included as part of an adware or malware package. At this point, you need to first search out the chromium installation folder using Windows File Explorer, then uninstall it manually.

Step 1- First open the “Windows File Explorer”, and type “Chromium.exe or Chrome.exe” in the search bar. This search your PC for the chromium installation directory or the chromium-browser executable file.

how to delete chromium

Step 2- This search should take some time to complete. When Windows File Explorer has commenced the right file, then right-click the entry in the search results and then press the “Open file location”.

how do i completely remove chromium

Step 3- After that, the folder with the chromium executable file will open. You may see the main “Chromium” folder by using the path URL. Right-click this, press “Delete” to remove it from your computer.

how do i get rid of chromium browser

Step 4- If you can’t remove the “chromium folder”, it may be due to the software itself is still open. Right-click the “taskbar” and then press “Task manager” to fix this issue.

how to uninstall chromium on pc

Step 5- Then locate the chromium process in the Task Manager window. Right-click the entry, then press the “End Task” to force it to remove. Once the chromium has been closed, then repeat the above steps to get rid of the Chromium folder.

how to remove chromium

Step 6- Once the chromium folder deleted, then you will need to permanently rem0ove the chromium folder by vacant your “Recycle Bin”. Find the recycle bin icon on your PC, then right-click; “Empty Recycle Bin” to completely remove it.remove chromium

Using the Third-Party Software Remove Software to Uninstall Chromium

Another method for removing the chromium from your PC is an open-source uninstaller that is Bulk Crap Uninstaller. This will allow you to find the software that you would otherwise be incapable to remove such as Chromium.

Step 1- To start, download and install the “Bulk Crap Uninstaller”. In the Welcome to BCU uninstaller introduction window, choose your language, and then click continue to continue.

chromium uninstall

Step 2- At each stage, confirm your program settings. Like, if you want to highlight certified installers, simply click the “Highlight certified uninstallers” before clicking continues.

delete chromium

Step 3- When your settings confirmed, then click the “Finish setup” button.

how do i remove chromium malware from windows 10

Step 4- You will see a list of installed software in the main Bulk Crap Uninstaller app list. You can search “chromium” by using the search bar in the top left.

how to get rid of chromium

Step 5- If you want to uninstall “chromium” by this uninstaller, right-click, and then press “Uninstall”. Otherwise, you can also press “Uninstall manually” to permit the Bulk Crap Uninstaller to uninstall it for you.

Step 6- If you select the “Uninstall manually” option, the process of uninstalling chromium will start. You will see a list of potentially leftover files and windows registry entries.

how do i permanently delete chromium

Step 7- The Bulk Crap Uninstaller will delete the folders, files, and windows registry entries that it detected. But if the chromium is still encountering, you can remove it by forcefully, simply click “Kill all”.

remove chromium toolbar

Step 8- Click “OK” in the Terminate running processes.

how to remove chromium from windows 10 permanently

Step 9- This uninstaller will ask you if you would like to create a window registry backup first, permitting you to roll back any changes if the incorrect entries are removed. Click creates to try this or don’t create to proceed without creating a backup.deleting chromium

Step 10- At this point, this uninstaller will start removing chromium. Once the process completed, then regenerate the software list. At this point, the chromium entry will be removed from the installed software list.

how to uninstall chromium windows 10

With chromium removed, you may want to run a malware scan using windows security or your own antivirus or anti-malware provider to make sure that any Bundled Malware has been Removed completely.


If you are encountering this problem, you can easily remove this issue by following the above-given instructions in this article.

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