How to Fix Download Pending on Google Play Store

This article is based on Download Pending issues such as Google play store download pending, Google play, or google play store stuck on download pending errors. In this article, we will tell you about some methods for fixing this solution.

google play store download pending

Google Play “Downloading Pending” Issue

Sometimes, when you download an app on Google Play Store, but you may receive a message like a download pending. It’s normally not a factor of concern as its usually when you are queuing downloads. However, it will a real problem, particularly if your transfers stay on pending.

Many reasons may cause this issue, but it’s very easy to solve this error. Here are some solutions for fixing this error. By using these solutions, you can easily solve this problem.


 Google Play Store “Downloading Pending” Issue

Have you practiced downloading a game or any other thing from the Google play store, only you seek out that it’s stuck on your transfer pending queue? When it involves downloading data from the web, sometimes things will be frustrating.

Particularly when downloads take more time or when we encounter downloading issues. But by using the given solutions you can easily fix this issue.


Some Methods to fix Google play or Google

 Play Store “Download Pending Issue”

Method 1: Check the Time and Date

The date and time may infrequently get knocked out of whack on your phone. Whether it’s if you are modifying time zones, or there is a hiccup together with your cellular networks, you will want to ensure that your phone is determining the proper date and time for where you are.

google play store stuck on download pending

  • Just you need to open the “Settings app”.

google play store stuck download pending

  • Then scroll down and tap the “system”.

google play stuck on download pending

  • Then “tap time and date”.

google play stuck on download pending issue

google play store stuck on download pending issue

Make sure that the choice to be used network provided time is authorized. I so, just tap the toggle to show it off and then tap the toggle again to show it back on.


Method 2: Check your download preferences

For the foremost part, gone are the times when you had a need to plague about not having the capability to download an app if you are employing a cellular network. But Google and other OEM s have implemented a fail-safe for those that don’t have countless data. For downloading the apps over only Wi-Fi networks or both cellular and Wi-Fi networks, you just need to settle the preferences for this purpose.

  • First of all, open the “Google play store”.
  • Then tap the hamburger menu icon within the top left-hand
  • Tap “settings” within the
  • Then select for select App download
  • Select over any
  • At last, tap

Method 3: Turn off Bluetooth

Just turning off Bluetooth may have some consequences of getting apps to update suitably or download. According to the Google support boards, simply after turning off the Bluetooth owners of Samsung have gotten their apps to download again. Then you could continue again to switch it back on after the apps have downloaded.

google play download pending

  • Swipe down to expose the fast tiles widget in the Notification
  • Then tap the “Bluetooth icon”.


Method 4: Switch to different Google account

Maybe there’s something occurring with your google account, so you will need to undertake to isolate the matter by removing your first account. Then you will either need to sign into your account or use another account.

google play store download pending 1

  • For this open the Settings
  • Then scroll down and tap
  • Locate and choose your first Gmail
  • Tap remove the
  • Then restart your
  • Then go back to the account section within the Settings
  • Tap Add the


Methods to fix Google Play or Google Play

 Store Stuck on “Download Pending Issue”

Method 1: Turn off Auto updates

If Google is changed apps within the background and you also tap on the install button, but you are about to be stuck with the download pending message until the Google is done. It’s a better idea to have vital apps on auto-update.

But there are some apps that may wait and might be updated manually. To turn off auto-update just you need to tap hamburger icon when you first open google play or google play store.

download pending google play

  • Tap on “Settings”.
  • Then tap “auto-updates apps”.
  • And select don’t auto-update


Method 2: Clear Cache and Data for Google Play or Google Play Store

Clear data and cache, both are two different things. First of all, you need to clear the google play or google play store cache if it does not solve the issue, then you need to clear data for fixing this error. Clearing data or cache does not delete your already installed apps or any other information from your phone. For doing this follows the following instructions:

  • Just open the phone settings and then go to apps or application
  • Then go to Google play
  • Just tap on “storage.”

google play download pending 1

  • Then tap on “clear cache”. And after that restart your

google play update pending

Method 3: Check available Storage

Do you have enough area on your device to transfer or update the desired app? For checking the available storage.

  • Just go to the phone
  • Then go into

google play says download pending

In the storage, you will get more information about storage availability. Begin by deleting the unnecessary apps and information from your phone, when your phone is running out of storage. It will free up space from your phone.


Method 4: Update the Android System Web view

You should additionally check if an update is applicable for the pre-installed app system web view. For doing this, just open the play store and search the Android System Web view. You will be able to directly open the Android System Web view in Google Play Store online. If available just tap on “Update.”


Sometimes, when you download an app on Google Play, but you may receive a message like a download pending. It’s normally not a factor of concern as its usually when you are queuing downloads. Having download error is a serious problem, especially at the time when you want to download the game or important apps.

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