How to fix Steam Content File Locked Error

Continue getting the Content File Locked error while updating your game?

It is incredibly irritating, and you are unquestionably not the only one who encounters this error. Numerous windows clients are reporting it. Fortunately, you can fix it. Here are some methods for fixing this error.

What is Steam Content File Locked Error?

steam content file locked

Steam could be a valve corporation giant, a distribution platform that offers Digital Rights Management, video streaming, multiplayer gaming, and many other services. It permits its members to install and auto-update the laptop games and alternative related software. A few its valuable options may include

  • chat
  • friends list
  • cloud saving
  • in-game voice
  • and groups

Additionally, it gives a free service of Application Process Interface, particularly Steam workers, which makes it a specific platform. However, several users are reporting the Steam content file locked issue while attempting to update certain games. This issue has become quite common and frustrating among several Steam clients. The issue pops up on the window screen while changing any within the following way:

This error occurred whereas updating (game) (Content File Locked):

Now, let’s go towards the methods to fix the Steam Content File Locked error without wasting our period any longer so you can return to your extraordinary play session as soon as possible.

Fix Steam Content File Locked Error

There are different methods by which you can quickly resolve the Fix Steam Content File Locked Error to proceed with your gaming session. You can use any of the solutions that are most efficient to you. Let’s start with numerous ways to resolve

the Steam Content File Locked issue.

Method 1: Mend Corrupt Files

 The main reason for the error is the corrupt files, which can drive resistance in your work. Corrupted files may harm your system to a large mass that slows down your system. Corrupted files also cause many other issues.

So, fixing the corrupt files is essential to solving the Steam Content File Locked error. For fixing this issue, follow the given below steps:

Step 1. Close the steam and visit the “Steam Directory ” on your computer that you select while installing the software.

Step 2. Then, continue to the folder “Logos” and choose “Txt.”

Step 3. Then, move to the acute down of the document file and search for the new issues.

Step 4. Then, find the “Root folder” of the mod. Possibly, you would love the simplest civilization five modes.

Step 5. After that, “Restart” steam and continue to the transfer folder. A requirement for an update will crop up instantaneously.

Step 6. Eventually, update the essential files to resolve the flaw.

If the error is still not solved, you can remove your problem by disabling your Antivirus. Every Antivirus has some different processes for its disabling. So, attempt the given below method to get rid of the Steam Content File Locked error.

Method 2: Disable Antivirus

 Sometimes, it is seen that several antiviruses restrict the steam from working steadily and blocks it.

For disabling the Antivirus, follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Firstly, restart your device, and it is more efficient for you to click on the pr- launched steam.

Step 2. You will then search the library section and then click on that to see what the issue with your Antivirus is.

Step 3. After you check the files thoroughly, then move to the local tab and then choose it.

Step 4. On the game files, you may prompt an option for verification. Then your issue will be resolved.

This solution will probably resolve your issue, but if this method doesn’t fix your error, follow the next process given below.

Method 3: Reposition Steam Installation and Game Files

 If the above methods don’t solve your problems, then use this method for fixing the error.

Follow the instructions given below:

Step 1. At first, find your “Steam client” and visit the ” Settings.”

steam content file locked fix

Step 2. Now, choose “Downloads” and press the “Steam Library Folders.”

how to fix content file locked

Step 3. Then, click on ” Add Library Folders” and choose a new way where you want steam to be established.

how to fix content file locked on steam

Step 4. Performing this step will give a platform for other installations to them in a suitable folder.

Step 5. Now, leave the “Steam” client. And find your current steam location.

Step 6. Then, remove all files and folders mentioned, assume “Steam apps and user data folder.”

Step 7. After that, cut all the folders and files and then paste them into the new location, which has been determined.

Step 8. At the last, launch “Steam” and re-login.

This solution is very efficient and will resolve a steam content file locked error in only some steps.

Method 4: Clear Download Cache

 If you use your PC commonly to play games or search for something, the history of your computer and cache, chock, which may result in this issue.

To remove the unnecessary cache by following the given below steps:

Step 1. Firstly, you need to boot up “Steam.”

Step 2. Move to the “View” option that is present in the client window.

content file locked steam

Step 3. Then, check for the “Settings” option and then press it.

Step 4. You would need to go to the ” Downloads ” that are present on the left-hand side directly.

Step 5. After that, click on the “Clear download cache” option.

steam content file locked error

Step 6. After clicking on the “Clear download cache” option. Then choose the “OK” option on your PC.

steam content file locked 1

Step 7. Finally, launch the install or the update option.

Method 5: Retune Winsock

It is a straightforward method and can be implemented in a few seconds. The error Steam Content File Locked is due to this Winsock problem, but resetting Winsock will help you to fix this error.

Step 1. At first, for opening the run dialog box, press “Windows + R” simultaneously.

steam content file locked fix

Step 2. Now, enter the “netsh Winsock reset” in the dialog box.

steam content file locked fix 1

Step 3. Finally, press “Enter.”


Steam Content File Locked error is an outspread issue that needs your patience to be tackled. Taking anxiety and stress won’t resolve your error, therefore stay calm and use the solutions mentioned above to solve the Steam Content File Locked error.

Thus, use any of the above methods and solve this error and then enjoy your gaming session without any resistance.

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