How to use tinder without facebook or phone number

There are 10 million every day active users on Tinder that it makes it a widely famous dating app. Its popularity due to users can easily reach out and associate with other users who have revealed interest in them. When you sign up on Tinder, this app will share your photos, name, and additional personal information.

tinder app without facebook

Tinder always insisted on connecting your Facebook account. It was not possible to make a Tinder account without a Facebook profile, so your Facebook friends could not view that you are using the Tinder app. And if you wish to use Tinder without Facebook. So, read this article for creating a Tinder account without Facebook:

tinder without facebook

This article will provide you with information about how to tinder sign up without Facebook and use Tinder without Facebook.

What is Tinder App without Facebook?

 Tinder has become a popular dating application. This app uses location-based services; however, it can find people in our nearby areas. This app allows you to communicate with someone that you want. Tinder app has additional options and Spotify features which appear songs and pictures from a specific personality profile. But, probably, you do not wish to share your personal life with your social life. So, follow the given below for using Tinder without Facebook.

Tinder Sign Up Without Facebook

 When you use Tinder on PC, curiously, you do not even have to use the latest browser version to form the use of this unique feature; even you cannot create your account. The option now seems along with Facebook on the mobile version too. It ought to note that Facebook has not taken out of the equation entirely. It would help if you were required to admit the terms of the Account Kit, which Tinder uses for login. It means that Facebook gets less information than if you used a real Facebook account, but it still gets your first name and phone number. And If you want to maintain a full of life one. So, you need to select this lesser of two evils. To do this, follow the given below instructions:

tinder sign up without facebook

Step 1. First, choose “Log in with phone number.”

Step 2. Now enter your ” phone number” as you wish.

Step 3. Next, enter the “Code” that you received by text message on your ph9ne.

Step 4. Provide your “Email address.”

Step 5. Choose a suitable “Passcode.” Step 6. Now enter your “First Name.”

Step 7. Choose “Your Sex.”

Step 8. Now, Android can ask you whether you want to permit Tinder to access your gallery. If you wish to Tinder access, your gallery click agrees to continue. You will even have to agree to let Tinder “Access your location data” and have location services es turned to use the Tinder app. Step 9. Finally, you will select your “Main profile picture” and then enter “Done” to make your account. You can choose any pictures that you want.

So much for how the Tinder Sign-up method without Facebook works; however, would you even want to?

How to Use Tinder Without Facebook

 Nowadays, many folks here and there search for the answer can use Tinder without Facebook or not. However, officially there is no way to use Tinder without Facebook. But you can minimize the Privacy concerns or hiding your actual identity by following the given methods.

how to log into tinder without facebook

Method 1: Modify the Settings of Tinder Application

 If you want to reduce the hindering as much as possible; however, this is simple for stopping the interference. This process only requires changing the settings of the tinder app.

To do this, follow the given below steps:

Step 1. First, open the Tinder app in your smartphones like iPhone or Android phone.

Step 2. Then navigate to the “Setting section” of your Tinder app and then click on the “Setting” button.

Step 3. Now you will view the “Show me on Tinder Social.” Deselect this option, and now you are ready to go.

Step 4. Finally, you can use the Tinder app without Facebook.

Method 2: Change Tinder App priorities in Facebook Account

On Facebook, you can modify any app’s privacy setting; it is the essential Facebook feature. In this method, we can be changing the privacy setting of Tinder on Facebook. It hides your privacy, and it just like you are using Tinder without Facebook.

Follow the given below instructions on how to modify the Tinder app Priorities in your Facebook Account:

Step 1. First, log in to your “Facebook” account.

Step 2. Now tap on the “Lock icon” and then navigate the Settings and then click the “See more settings ” button.

tinder login without facebook

Step 3. Next, scrolls down and find the Tinder app on the list and then click on it.

Step 4. At last, set Tinder app privacy to “Only me.”

sign up for tinder without facebook

So, now you have hidden Tinder from your Facebook profile. So, use Tinder without Facebook.

Method 3: Creating a New Facebook Account

If you don’t want to connect your personal Facebook account with Tinder, so you need to create a new Facebook account that is the second method to make it.

To do this, follow the given below steps:

Step 1. First, you need to go to “”

Step 2. Then enter your all detail.

  • First Name
  • Second Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Passcode

Before entering the email address, ensure you already have new Yahoo, Hotmail account, or Gmail account and if you want to use Tinder without Facebook. So, follow the above-given methods for using Tinder without Facebook. I hope this article will provide you with every information about Tinder without Facebook that you want.

Change in Tinder app After Creating New Account:

 Step 1. Go to the “Tinder” app and check “Settings gear” at the upper left side and click it.

Step 2. Next, click the “App Settings” and then tap “Logout” and approve.

Step 3. Now you logged out of Tinder.

Step 4. Next, sign in to the latest creating Facebook account and then navigate the Tinder and click the “Login with Facebook.”

Step 5. Finally, the Tinder app will connect to a newly created Facebook account. Now you can select what data to put.

Now, these methods will be helpful to hide your identity on social platforms as well.


 Tinder always insisted on connecting your Facebook account. And if you wish to use Tinder without Facebook. So, follow the above methods given in this article. I hope this article will provide you with every information that you want to about Tinder without Facebook.

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