What is Wi-Fi Direct Windows 10 | How to Turn On and Use ( Complete Guide)

Wi-Fi Direct Windows 10 is a fantastic wireless connection system that makes connecting different devices easy. Wi-Fi Direct is a new Wi-Fi standard that easily connects Wi-Fi Direct devices to associate without any access point.

wifi direct windows 10

Wi-Fi Direct is a wireless connection for everything from internet browsing to the file transfers to communicating with one or more devices simultaneously at typical Wi-Fi speeds. It is due to Wi-Fi Direct permits Wi-Fi devices to connect and form groups. Wi-Fi has high velocity, and it’s much simpler to configure. Itis technology for fast, wireless transfers of contents between different devices.

What is Wi-Fi Direct Windows 10

Wi-Fi direct can be like a sort of Bluetooth over Wi-Fi. It has a similar “find and sends out” method of Bluetooth. Still, the content transfer without using a wired router (utilizing wireless networking), which subsequently gives a higher speed for your content transfer.

With Wi-Fi direct windows 10, you can browse the web, share the contents, and communicate with one or more devices in the same period. However, these devices can come from different manufacturers. Wi-Fi direct for the computer is supported on windows 10 IoT devices via using a USB Wi-Fi adapter. Thus, you must ensure that your USB Wi-Fi adapter and its equivalent driver are supported by Wi-Fi direct.

Wi-Fi Direct Windows 10 Features

  • In this Wi-Fi direct, no internet connection needed
  • It’s compatible with significant devices
  • Its function is the same as Bluetooth
  • Establishes P2P connection
  • Works faster than Bluetooth

How to Use Wi-Fi Direct Windows 10

Best Ways to Set Up Wi-Fi via a PC/Computer

Wi-Fi Direct enables its clients to feel the similar Wi-Fi connectivity that numerous different devices are utilizing. So, you can set your PC to the TV or use it for an internet network that has much better security. The Wi-Fi Direct allows you to interface any device to your computer much better and simpler over Bluetooth.

Look the compatible Support for Wi-Fi Direct Windows 10

When you want to set up Windows 10 Wi-Fi Direct on your computer, first, you need to check that your Windows 10 PC is Wi-Fi Direct compatible. For checking the consistent support for Wi-Fi Direct, follow the given below steps:

Step 1. To open the Run dialogue box, press the “Win + R” keys, and type “cmd” in the dialogue box and then press “Enter.”

windows 10 wifi direct

Step 2. Now type the “ipconfig/all” command in the command prompt, and then hit “Enter.”

what is wifi direct

If Wi-Fi Direct is available, you will see a “Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter.” Now, you can begin transferring content over Wi-Fi Direct.

how to use wifi direct

Wi-Fi Direct Setup – Connect Device to PC via Wi-Fi Direct

To do this, follow the given below steps:

Step 1. First, power on the device that you want to connect to your PC.

Step 2. Next, visit the “Setting, Network and Internet,” and choose “Manage Wi-Fi Settings.”

Step 3. Now through the menu to discover the “Wi-Fi Direct alternative.”

Step 4. Note the “Network name” (SSID) and password.

Step 5. Power on your computer. To gain access to the Windows Charms bar, click ” search” and then type “Wireless.” Now choose the “Manage Wireless Networks” option.

Step 6. Next, click “Add” and pick the name of the Wi-Fi network created by your Wi-Fi Direct gadget and then enter the password. At last, your PC will now connect to the Wi-Fi Direct network.

You can transfer files from PC to Android Wi-Fi Direct by following the above steps.

Wi-Fi Direct Printer – How to Connect Wi-Fi Direct Enabled Printers for Printing/File Sharing

If a printer has a direct Wi-Fi feature, you can connect a Wi-Fi gadget to the printer without an access point. Since the printer becomes an access point, at that point, different devices can become wireless terminals. When we know the steps to connect to any Direct Wi-Fi mobile, it is a lot simpler for the printer.

wifi direct for pc

To do this, follow the given below instructions:

Step 1. First, ensure that the printer is powered on and ready to utilize.

Step 2. Next, go to the printer and then enter the Wi-Fi setup menu, depending upon your printer.

Step 3. Choose “Wi-Fi Direct Setup”, and “Connection Setup”.

Step 4. On the printer’s screen, and afterwards hit “OK or Proceed.”

Step 5. Now check the SSID showed on the printer screen. If it’s not shown, then hit “OK.”

Step 6. Next, go to the “Start” and afterwards “Settings” on your PC.

Step 7. Now click on the “Printer and Scanners” options and then choose the “Add a Printer or Scanner” option.

windows wifi direct

wifi direct on windows 10

Step 8. Select the “Show Wi-Fi Direct Printers” option and search for and then select the SSID with your PC.

Step 9. Now enter the showed passcode into the Wi-Fi settings of your PC. If it does not appear on the printer’s screen, then hit “OK.”

Step 10. Finally, the process of the Wi-Fi Direct setup finished.

Wi-Fi Direct for PC/Computer – Windows Wireless File Transfer

Wireless file sharing has made quick strides over the past decades. By Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi- Fi, files can be transferred from one device to another very efficiently. Windows

10 accompanies the Wi-Fi Direct feature, a wireless connectivity system that efficiently assists to hook devices. Need to transfer file/content from PC to laptop? Need to setup wireless printing? Its quickly done.

Conclusion –

Bluetooth was a fantastic invention for content transfer need. But now by using Wi-Fi Direct offers you much convenience than Bluetooth. Many folks agree that it is simpler than Bluetooth. You can use Wi-Fi Direct when you need to transfer contents between different devices. Apart from the Wi-Fi Direct setup windows 10, some settings are required when you need to use Wi- Fi Direct on iPhone.

By Wi-Fi Direct, you can connect different networking devices easily without any internet connection.

I hope you gain more knowledge about Wi-Fi Direct windows ten by this article, and this article can also help you make your work more efficient.

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